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A DISPLAY IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE - Examining P.O.P. Compliance Rates & Best Practices

As the global, non-profit association dedicated to enhancing the totalshopper experience, Shop!, a trade association focused on enhancingretail environments and experiences set out to establish a benchmarkfor current compliance rates. We also sought to understand the cost oflost sales...

POP Compliance_2016_whitePaper FINAL.pdf

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Library Entry
Interactive retail opens the door to market growth

While more and more retailers offer experiential retail, VR, wearables and connected products offer unique interaction that, as of yet, is nearly untapped. According to David Anzia, senior vice president of sales, Frank Mayer and Associates Inc., “The potential is endless, and that’s where brick...


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Tweens are a complicated bunch— as parents and marketers know. Considered “too old for toys, too young for boys (and girls),” this demographic of kids ages 9 to 13 is feisty, opinionated, honest, sharp, cynical, and responsible for $200 billion in sales a year - of which $43billion comes from...

POPAI White Paper- Tweens 'R Shoppers- A Look At the Tween Market & Shopping Behavior.pdf

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Library Entry
The Case for Digital Signage: An Interview With Black Box

Black Box has been a world leader in comprehensive communications and data infrastructure solutions for more than 30 years. Headquartered in Lawrence, PA, Black Box offers more than 118,000 network infrastructure and AV products, and has evolved and grown by increasing sales and market share and...

POPAI White Paper- The Case for Digital Signage.pdf

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Library Entry
STUDYING THE HISPANIC SHOPPER SEGMENT: Connecting the Dots, Diving Into Data, & Digging Deep Into Community Insights

The changing landscape of American consumerism is undeniable, as well as altering rapidly. Now, more than ever, differing segments of the shopper population are emerging, based on everything from culture to race to religion to affluence. One of these emerging shopper segments is a demographic...

POPAI White Paper- Studying the Hispanic Shopper Segment.pdf

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Library Entry
The Future Is Now: A Look At The Rapidly Changing Technology Behind Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing has been growing for several years now, and continues to evolve into a sophisticated mainstream form of advertising. While we are all familiar with receiving a text message on our handset for a product or service, mobile marketing has been moving rapidly beyond this simplistic...

POPAI White Paper- Mobile Marketing.pdf

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Library Entry

To better understand and explore the impact and influence of secondary shoppers on the purchase behavior and decisions of primary shoppers, Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI) tapped ShopperSense™ to conduct a field study of shoppers.The objectives of the study include:•...

POPAI Research- Shopper Influence Study.pdf

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Library Entry
POPAI 2014 Compliance Initiative Study

A Benchmark for the Successful Implementation of Secondary Displays and the Impact on Sales:Before the Compliance Initiative Study began, POPAI polled the participating CPGs to see the current state of their expectations around secondary display compliance and the measuring of the ROI of the...

2015 POPAI Compliance Initiative Study.pdf

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