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Kiosks Take on Non-Traditional Roles

Self-service kiosks have moved beyond their typical roles and are performing functions that were unheard of just a few years ago. From pool and spa care assistant kiosks to digital nail art kiosks, read about non-traditional kiosk deployments. #Socialmedia #Trends #Consumershoppingbehavior...

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Kiosks in Health Care 101

The health care industry is increasing its use of self-service kiosks in areas ranging from patient check-in to doctor consultations to the filling of prescriptions. Driving the trend are factors including cost-cutting pressures, the need to serve more patients with fewer resources and...

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Key Trends in Plastic, Semi-Permanent Merchandising Displays

There are 30,000 new SKUs being launched every year at retail. Merchandising displays are a key tactic for increasing sales at the store level. Our blog article covers some of the key trends we are experiencing in plastic, semi-permanent display design and fabrication. #CaseStudy #Design ...

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Creating Effective, Interactive Retail Kiosks

Retailers and consumer brands in about every retail segment are seeing the benefits that interactive kiosk displays can add to the customer shopping experience and, thus, their bottom line. KDM Retail’s retail environment design specialist, Jim Jaeger, shares some effective case studies in our...

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Enhancing Interior Architecture with Anodized Aluminum - New AIA Course from Stylmark

Stylmarkis proud to join theAmerican Institute ofArchitects’ ContinuingEducation System (CES) asan approved continuingeducation provider.Stylmark’s inauguralcourse offering is:Enhancing InteriorArchitecture withAnodized Aluminum.1 CEUApproved for Health,Safety, and Welfare(HSW ) credit.Learning...

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ROI of Design--The Value of Customer Experience

In a "buy anything, anywhere" world, what is the role of the physical store? Extant research supports the value of design and the value of customer experience, but what are the drivers of successful design and the antecedents to a superior customer experience in a retail context? Design...

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Green Globes for Sustainable Interiors

This 97-page technical reference manual is produced by the Green Building Initiative to assist project teams in using the Green Globes building rating system. Green Globes for Sustainable Interiors (Green Globes SI) was designed to be a rating system designed specifically for tenant improvement...

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