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debunking the gender confidence myth

  • 1.  debunking the gender confidence myth

    Posted 11-08-2019 13:39
    This Harvard Business Review report reveals what many women have known all along-that women are held to a different standard, and it's not because we fail to "lean in." A few excerpts about recent research:

    "For women, but not for men, influence was closely tied to perceptions of warmth- how caring and prosocial they seemed."

    "While self-confidence is gender-neutral, the consequences of appearing self-confident are not. ... Successful women cannot 'lean in' on a structure that cannot support their weight without their opportunities (and the myth) collapsing around them."

    The report offers three actions employers can take.

    Read the report at Is the Confidence Gap Between Men and Women a Myth?
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    Is the Confidence Gap Between Men and Women a Myth?
    Executive Summary It's become commonly accepted that female workers lack the self-confidence of their male peers and this hurts their chances at success. If they were less hesitant and sold themselves better, this logic goes, success would be theirs. Yet, perhaps challenging common wisdom, recent research shows no evidence of a female modesty effect.
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