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TFL Makes Environmentally Friendly Decorative Panels Affordable, Attractive and Easy (CEU) 

11-10-2014 13:32

Designers have awesome responsibility. The materials designers choose not only have an immediate and lasting impact on the project at hand and the environment, but also on the design firm’s reputation. But perhaps most importantly, the way designers use materials in residential and commercial settings sends very specific messages to the people who use the spaces. As consumers live, work and play in homes, banks, retail stores, hotel lobbies/rooms and public spaces, the wisdom behind the specification becomes obvious. Sometimes a material is chosen based solely on aesthetics, ecological credibility, or performance. But most often a material has to deliver on all counts. The way designers specify informs consumers about the role materials can and should play in interior finishes and furniture. When designers specify mat erial s an d finishes, th ey are loo king for: • T rend-setting solutions • Unique, custom or proprietary designs • Consistency of design and color from project to project • Predictable project costs • Durability appropriate to each application • Ease of sourcing, fabrication and installation • Environmental intelligence: the truth about the impact of specifying a material • Value that balances aesthetics + durability + cost By the end of the CEU, professionals should be able to: Explain the basic make up of TFL decorative panels, as well as how they differ from and complement other laminated decorative surfacing options. Identify ideal applications for specifying TFL decorative panels. Understand the environmental benefits of sourcing ECC TFL decorative panels. List the LEED credits that may be available when using TFL decorative panels. Download the file, review the materials and return the included quiz.

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